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A beautiful day at Smith College!

A beautiful day at Smith College!

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One year ago today I moved into Smith for the first time, and I’m excited to return next week! It was scary moving so far from home to place full of strangers, but now I’m moving to friends that I love and miss and I can’t wait to go back.

Anonymous said: How did you know you were fit for an all girls school? Also, where are the boys around campus/ the area?

Smith was a good fit for me, and I knew it immediately from the environment and sense of community on campus; the students are very politically-minded and feminist and I liked that a lot. There are cis men in the other five colleges, and living in the town of Northampton. They can take classes at Smith, and you can take classes at the other five colleges. You can also attend social events at the other schools, and cis men often attend parties at Smith. However, I find the unique Smith classroom perspective refreshing and important to my education, which after all is why you are attending college, for the education and not for the boys.

Anonymous said: What are some of your favorite moments from your first year experience at Smith?

Oh gosh there are so many I couldn’t possibly recall them all! Camping at orientation, performing in Rocky Horror, Quad Riot, Mountain Day, cast bonding, bonfires, parties… I’m getting so nostalgic now, it was an incredible year.

Anonymous said: While at Smith, did you get a chance to explore Northampton? If so, how is it like? Where are the best food spots?

I did get to explore Northampton quite a bit and I love it! It’s a cute small town with lots of diversity and a cute downtown area with plenty to do and lots to see. There are a lot of good food spots, and locals can fill you in on all their favorites. I didn’t dine out much because I got food at Smith usually, but when I did it was an enjoyable experience.

Anonymous said: Who were some of your favorite professors and why?

My astronomy professor Meg, she’s fantastic, she gave us tea and cookies on a regular basis and made lots of Monty Python and Doctor Who references. I also love my SWG professor Kelly Anderson, she genuinely cares about us and understands when we need breaks. Katy Schneider in the art department is a sweetie as well, and she knows lots of famous people. Roger Blum taught my ballet class and he is fantastic and humorous. 
Also, I am sitting with my lovely friend Alex, and being a senior, having had more professors than I, volunteers these three:
Kevin Quashie
Floyd Cheung
Tina Wildhagen

Hope this helps!

Anonymous said: How big of an impact do you think applying ed or ed 1 has on admission in smith?

I don’t actually know the statistics behind them, I believe college board has the information on the acceptance rates of ed versus rd, but as far as expressed interest goes, people still get declined from ed, and people still get accepted ed. If you aren’t ready to be bound to your decision to come to smith, then I wouldn’t apply ed, but if it works for you then by all means, go for it. I don’t think it makes a large impact on the administration as far as them interpreting it as you badly wanting to come here. It’s a personal decision, and I don’t think it will make or break your outcome. Hope this helps!

Anonymous said: In your honest opinion, what is something that Smith can improve on?

Good question anon.
Though I love Smith, there is a gap between the student body and the administration that causes friction on a lot of issues. This gives way to a lot of activism on campus, and often I can see where both sides are coming from. Our policies are imperfect, and there’s a lot of criticism around that, but I think the important thing is that our students want to make a difference.

Anonymous said: Hi! I was wondering what other schools you were looking at other than smith? I'm interested in other women's colleges such as bryn mawr but would like to know why you chose smith

The only other women’s college I applied to was Mount Holyoke, though I live relatively close to Bryn Mawr and looking back I quite wish I had applied there. 
That being said, I do love women’s colleges as institutions, though I applied to a great deal of co-ed schools, when I visited Smith I knew it was where I belonged. I love the town of Northampton, I love the excellent academia Smith is known for, I love the diversity and passion in the student body, and I love all of Smith’s little nuances. I liked the idea of not having required first year courses, the house communities, the long lasting traditions, the history of the school, the gorgeous campus, the all-encompassing feminism, the drive of the students, and so many other things I could go on and on.
I’ve loved all of my first year here and smith and I am happy to answer any more specific questions about what I like/dislike here, or to continue to sell Smith to you! haha.

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Hi! I'm Deidre, a sophomore at Smith College originally from New Jersey :) Feel free to ask me anything!